Spring Fever at Pandora

Time to come out of hibernation and get ready for the spring of 2022.

Embrace the glow of spring and refresh your style with the Pandora Spring Collection 2022. The novelties include blossoming flowers and endearing animals in vibrant colours. That promises a fresh start to your spring story!


Celebrate the season of new beginnings

From blooming garden violets hand-painted with blue, pink and deep purple enamels to new butterfly jewels and a cute pink caterpillar curling around your Pandora jewel. The Pandora Moments collection expands this spring with designs inspired by nature in full flow. The Pandora Spring Collection is all about energy, positivity and transformation. Say hello to spring, say hello to new beginnings!


Discover the animal kingdom of spring

The animals in this Spring Collection symbolize personal growth. The butterfly jewels are hand painted with blue and white enamel. So every butterfly is unique – just like you! The curly caterpillar is a playful charm that embodies the beginning of life. A cute chick with fluffy feathers and eyes made of clear blue crystal glass makes you dream of idyllic spring days in the countryside. And the cuddly soft pavé panda symbolizes strength, wisdom and the soft side of nature. In addition, the Sparkling Cute Pandora Charm reminds us of the importance of caring for the environment.


Marvel x PANDORA

Pandora enters the Marvel Universe this spring, celebrating all the iconic personalities and their stories with the highly anticipated Marvel x PANDORA Collection. Travel to a galaxy full of ambition, dreams and action, as well as humor, superheroes and commitments.

The new designs focus on legendary characters and their epic qualities. The miniatures each tell a different story from the Avengers universe. These pieces are crafted using advanced craftsmanship techniques and finished by hand to capture every authentic detail. They get as close as possible to the real superheroes. In addition to Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Panther and Black Widow, there are also Infinity Stones jewelry designs that should not be missing in the jewelry box of the true Marvel Cinematic Universe fan. Gather your heroes, “Avengers Assemble”!


Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be