In the latest Pandora Autumn Collection 2021, the brand focuses more than ever on the freedom of styling. The playful approach of Pandora jewelry inspires you to discover and express your own style. Pandora proposes new ways to tell your style story. Whether you've just discovered the Pandora universe or have been collecting charms for years, you'll rediscover yourself with these versatile novelties.


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Carry your story in new ways every day

Tell your story with Pandora's new charm holders. The fresh, bold styles are specially designed to show who you are with your look.

The latest Pandora Snake Chain bracelet with Heart Closure is worn like a classic charm bracelet. In addition, you can personalize the heart closure with up to two Dangle-Beads, Beads or pendants. Open the heart closure like a lobster clasp and your personal styling can begin.

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For those who can be even more and are lucky enough to cherish many beautiful moments, Pandora introduces a double charm bracelet with a sparkling pavé-set barrel closure, which can also be worn as a necklace. The Pandora Moments Double Wrap Barrel Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet offers more styling options than ever!

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In addition to new bracelet concepts, Pandora is also launching new Moments Hoops earrings that you can finish to your heart's content with your favorite charms and/or pendants – up to a maximum of three per earring. The new charm earrings give you a playful freedom. Carry your stories in new ways with the Sterling silver or 14K rose gold plated Pandora Moments Charm Hoop Earrings. Women who make every occasion a party wear the Pandora Moments Charm Double Hoop Earrings. These charm holder earrings can be personalized like a small Pandora O pendant with up to three charms or pendants. For a minimalist look you could also wear the earrings with Snake Chain pattern without charm holders. Wear them your way and vary according to your outfit or mood.

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And last but not least… Surprise the world's favorite jewelry brand with a range of Pandora Moments Charm Holder Accessories. Finish your look down to the last detail with the Pandora Moments Charm key ring, jeans, belt and bag holders. Each item is a powerful new way to express yourself. Each charm holder features the iconic Pandora Snake Chain pattern with lobster clasp closure, which you can style with your favorite charms and/or pendants. Make a statement!

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New Pandora Moments Beads, Dangle Charms and Clips

Whether you're driven by a love of family and friends, nature and animals, a passion or hobby, discover new ways to tell your unique style story in the Pandora Autumn Collection 2021. From fun new animals like the Polished Rubber Duck, Cute Piggy Bank and Kitten & Yarn Ball to new sporting additions. If you are a "gym girl" then the Dumbbell & Heart Dangle-Bead is a must have in your Pandora story. Or is shopping your cardio, then you can quickly add the Shopping Bag Dangle-Bead to your shopping cart. For dancing divas, there is the Openwork Dancing Queen charm.

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But the brand also does not deny us some loving additions to the Pandora Moments collection. Our favorites? The Openable Heart Locket Dangle locket with the engraving inside: “Always be in my heart” and the split pendant charm Linked Sister Hearts Split. The latter is ideal as a gift, give one heart to your (favorite) sister – or to your best friend who is just like a sister to you. On the back of both hearts is the engraving: “I will always have a friend”.

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In addition, Pandora is launching some new clip charms and safety chains that, in addition to style, also contribute to safety and secure the chapters of your Pandora story.

The Autumn Collection, wouldn't be an autumn collection without some seasonal designs. Get ready for fall with the graceful, curled fall leaf designs in warm tones from the Pandora Autumn Collection 2021.

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Disney or Star Wars fan?

Be enchanted by the new range of jewelry from the magical Disney x Pandora. Whether you go for the subtle pendants with a wink to Disney's Belle, Snow White or Cinderella. Or for one of the other adorable additions to the new Disney x Pandora collection. The Disney x Pandora jewelry and charm collection is guaranteed to add a dash of Disney magic to every day!

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And “may the Force be with you” to resist the novelties of the legendary Star Wars x Pandora line. Will you choose the iconic Millennium Falcon and Death Star? Or do you prefer legendary figures such as The Child Grogu, the Jedi Master Yoda or the iconic film couple Han Solo & Leia. Each charm is inspired by the Star Wars universe and is detailed down to the last detail.

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Take a breath of fresh air through your Pandora style story! Discover the latest Pandora Sale 2021 on our shopping website. We are happy to help you put together your unique Pandora jewel.

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