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Oct 30, 2023 0 533
The PANDORA Christmas Collection 2023  is once again bursting with gift-worthy jewelry, festive jewelry and themed charms for a wonderful Christmas. The magic of the season inspired PANDORA designers to create a wonderful extension of the Pandora Tim..
Aug 18, 2023 0 844
Autumn, the season that teaches us, that change can be beautiful . The latest Autumn collection from Pandora makes us count down to autumn. The striking jewelry and charming charms inspire you to embrace change. Discover new ways to express your pers..
Jun 05, 2023 0 1285
Enjoying a festival on a terrace or in the meadow. Sunbathe on a clear blue sea with white beaches or laze in your own garden with an ice cream in hand. Summer is a time for living in the moment and going on an adventure with family and friends. Whet..
Feb 25, 2023 0 1004
La la springThere's spring! The birds take the place of your alarm clock, the trees and flowers bloom and the butterflies and bees wake up. Not only is there more color and life in nature, spring also means refreshing our wardrobe with pastel shade..
Jan 18, 2023 0 1166
All for loveThe new Pandora Valentine's Day Collection is more brimming with love and tenderness than ever. The Pandora Moments collection is getting lots of new designs with love symbols and colors to celebrate each unique love story. In addition..
Oct 30, 2022 0 980
More than a giftThe Pandora Christmas Collection 2022 is brimming with gift-worthy jewellery, festive jewelery and themed charms for a dazzling Christmas. The magic of the season inspired Pandora designers to create a wondrous extension of the Pan..
Aug 25, 2022 0 4024
Celebrate your loved ones – including your four-legged friendsAt Pandora, 2022 is all about even more self-expression and connection. For the Autumn Collection, the brand also introduces even more ways to wear your favorite charms and tell your st..
May 30, 2022 0 1814
Let the sea set you free!This summer of 2022 is just around the corner. And everything is possible and allowed again. From festivals to travel, the Pandora Summer Collection 2022 is therefore all about adventures by the sea, warm days when we enjo..
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