La la spring

There's spring! The birds take the place of your alarm clock, the trees and flowers bloom and the butterflies and bees wake up. Not only is there more color and life in nature, spring also means refreshing our wardrobe with pastel shades, fun prints and… a new Pandora Spring Collection of course! This year the designs give us the spring fever again. Blue tones blow a gentle spring breeze through your Pandora story. Swallows leave their feathers and cheerful butterflies, ladybugs and even a flying unicorn pig flutter into our lives like little lucky ones. We also travel above the clouds and explore the Marvel universe with the Guardians of The Galaxy .

Ready to discover the collection together?


Feel the joy in the air

With the sun in their wings, swallows return from warmer climes. They not only represent freedom, friendship and happiness , but when you spot them, winter is over and spring is back in the country. The blue songbird inspires Pandora designers in the new Pandora Moments designs. The newest Cloud and Swallow charm with different shades of blue man-made crystals, symbolizing the spring sky, is engraved along the top with the motivational words: “Let your dreams be your wings ”, giving the charm full of meaning. Or get inspired by the pendant charm with quote tag “ Time to fly ”, with swallow design inspired by the graphic look of vintage tattoos – just like the matchingear studs.


Spread your wings

This spring, a lot of feathers are whirling around in the collection. They act as a reminder that you are free to be who you want to be and go wherever you want. Which feather designs are your favourite? The 14 carat rose gold-plated versions with a curved tip so that they really seem to float? Or the blue designs that match perfectly with the swallow designs above?


Embrace the colors of spring

Break through the cold, dark winter with the first rays of spring sunshine. Bring the bright spring colors into your look with the latest multicolored rainbow Murano glass charm . The clear glow of shimmering rose dichroic Murano glass shines like the first rays of the sun after a cold, dark winter.


Time for transformation

Butterflies symbolize spring and the beauty of change and personal growth . The popular Blue Butterfly & Quote charm from 2022 will be reissued this spring in a romantic rose gold variant with numerous bright and fancy fairy tale pink zirconium. Transparent enamel in the heart-shaped cut-out center of each wing gives the design an extra fairytale touch. The quote tag “ One of kind ” also makes the design very suitable as a gift for someone special. We also see the blue version from 2022 in miniature on the triple hanging charmwith rainbow heart, butterfly and peace sign. “Freedom”, “L♥ve” and “Peace” engravings finish the small pendants down to the last detail and inspire you every day.


Nothing is impossible

Add a touch of magic to your spring look with the cute and playful animals that give the spring collection an extra cheerful touch. You've never seen this before, but nothing is impossible. The flying unicorn piggy is covered in shiny pink enamel and has a rainbow horn that swirls like an ice cream cone. The funny charm is engraved with the words: "Nothing is impossible". The imaginative animal gives you positivity and courage to chase your dreams. Pandora also once again shows its incredible craftsmanship. New season, new technique . For the first time, the designers use enamel on a stone. The red ladybugbrings luck. If one lands on you, you may make a wish. What kind of happiness comes your way if you wear one all the time?


We are Groot

Coming this spring is the epic space adventure Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in the cinema. Not every hero has supernatural superpowers. Marvel proves with the Guardians of the Galaxy series that being a hero is about hope and showing the world what you stand for. And that a real hero also makes mistakes and has vulnerabilities. In partnership with Marvel, Pandora calls on you to be as authentic as the beloved Groot, the rugged Rocket Racoon and the funky Star-Lord from the Guardians of the Galaxy. The humor and funky retro music that acts as a way of bonding between the team of intergalactic outlaws is also incorporated into the new Marvel x Pandora designs.


Are you already itching to breathe new life into your look with the bright, spring-inspired jewelry? Or would you rather go on a mission with the Guardians of the Galaxy? Whatever your spring will look like, with Pandora you will meet spring in style!



Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be​