All for love

The new Pandora Valentine's Day Collection is more brimming with love and tenderness than ever. The Pandora Moments collection is getting lots of new designs with love symbols and colors to celebrate each unique love story. In addition, the Pandora Timeless collection will be expanded with jewels that are as timeless as your relationship. Furthermore, a new alphabet with graceful writing lets you express your love even more and the romance of Disney magically closes the new launch. The Pandora ME collection will also receive a loving addition.


As unique as your love

On Valentine's Day we celebrate love. Because every relationship is unique, Pandora designs personal jewelery and symbolic jewelery to express your love.

Say "I love you" in an original way with these iconic heart-shaped designs, inspired by the hand gesture of both hands forming a heart. It symbolizes two halves becoming one whole. Ideal to give to the person who completes you through the power of love.


Make her heart beat faster

Make someone special shine with the details in the loving charm designs with fiery red enamel or Murano glass and the timeless classics with heart-cut stones . Can it be even more personal? Pour out your heart with an engravable charm and/or pendant.


The key to your heart

Ready to take your relationship to the next level? A padlock jewelry is a meaningful symbol that embodies the idea of ​​giving someone (or yourself) the key to your heart . Are you ready to give your loved one a tangible gesture of devotion or are you looking for a reflection of self-love that is the key to your own happiness, then these detailed love locks are the ideal gift.


For a love that sparkles

Love here, hearts there, a timeless gem is the most beautiful gesture. For a love that is timeless, the Pandora Timeless collection includes plenty of gift-worthy jewelry. The refined elegance of timeless classics is undeniable. The striking Pandora design accents are the icing on the cake that makes every woman's heart beat faster. Moreover, the jewelery invites you to stack and combine to your heart's content.


Broken Hearts Club

The mindset on love is different in the new generation. It revolves around connections with others, but also with yourself. Playing with this theme, Pandora also creates some inspiring designs that embody this concept. Pointed cupid arrows, thorns, barbed wire, nails and broken hearts give the new Pandora Me jewels a layering effect. The latest styling touches show all customers love . It can hurt sometimes, but it's always worth the risk. It can be confusing at times, but it brings friends closer together. It can sometimes be unrequited, but it leads to an even greater love.


A forever kind of love

Is there a love more iconic than that of Mickey and Minnie Mouse? Or Wall-E and Eve's? The Disney x Pandora collection expands this Valentine's Day with loving Disney charms that capture the magic of Disney couples. Spoil your girlfriend with the new glow-in-the-dark enamel charm from Pixars Wall-E or celebrate your "eternal" love with the latest Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse pendant charm. Their two hands together form a heart gesture that is reflected in the red cabochon heart-shaped Murano glass.


Tell your story

The new Valentine's Day Collection already has a lot of beautiful things to express your love. Pandora is also launching a new letter design to personalize your Pandora piece of jewelry. Always carry the initials of a loved one close to you or gift a meaningful word to someone special.


Ready to shower yourself or a loved one with love? Pandora's expressive jewelry and meaningful charms  help you express your love.

You can easily shop the loving designs online at Jan Maes or in our Grace & Glory shop in Waalsand Shopping in Sint-Niklaas.


How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you