Enjoying a festival on a terrace or in the meadow. Sunbathe on a clear blue sea with white beaches or laze in your own garden with an ice cream in hand. Summer is a time for living in the moment and going on an adventure with family and friends. Whether in a distant country or in your own city. The Pandora High Summer 2023 Collection is for summer dreamers. From collecting summer memories to symbols from the natural world that offer protection, guidance and strength.


Heavenly inspiration

Summer is a time for outdoor living. From sun-drenched days to moonlit evenings.

Wear the energy of summer with these powerful symbolic jewelry . From the sun as a symbol of vitality, shine and positivity, but also a reminder that there is always light after darkness. To the moon as the calming and nourishing light in the dark and divine feminine. And also the sun and the moon that cannot exist without each other. As opposites that always attract, translated into a divisible pendant charm in the shape of the Yin and Yang sign. This Sun & Moon charm with shimmering blue enamel, crescent moon and "Dream big" engraving fits perfectly on the 14 carat gold-plated sun pendant with "Shine bright" engraving. Just like the Sterling silver Celestial Blue Sparkling Sun ring with half moon fits perfectly on the 14 caratyellow gold plated variant fits.

A beautiful stacking look or unique designs to share with a friend or family member!


For protection while traveling or to welcome good energy into your life, the downward pointing Hamsa hand amulet is a dainty statement piece full of meaning. In 2020, Pandora already launched a sterling silver pendant charm , but now it also releases a 14 karat rose gold variant and a vibrant opal blue version with evil or all-seeing eye made of black synthetic composite. The combination of the protective hand and eye is considered an antidote to negative energies.


On land, at sea and in the air

From must-haves for the frequent traveler to animals that are often seen as spirit guides or protective and empowering totums. The Pandora Moments collection expands with meaningful charms in summery shades of blue.

Suitcase packed, passport in pocket and camera in hand. Go on a journey of discovery with Pandora. Follow your inner compass and your heart with the Camera, Heart & Compass triple dangle bead , which is engraved with the words: “Discover”, “Dream” and “Explore”. Do you have a great wanderlust ? Then the Open Passport charm is made for you. On the front are the engravings: “PASSPORT and “CITIZEN OF THE WORLD”. Once opened you will see travel stamps and the message: “The world is yours to explore”. On the back you can read “Dream land”.

Fly into summer with Sparkling Bee charm with hexagon pendant inspired by honeycomb cells. The design is not only a playful accent on your Pandora Moments jewel. The little critter is also seen as the hard-working guardian of nature. Or be inspired by the new butterfly charm with enchanting blue Murano glass that symbolizes transformation.


Be amazed by the magic of the ocean with the glow-in-the-dark hermit crab charm or the jellyfish charm with multicolored thermochromic enamel. The hermit crab or crab is a reminder to be brave and step outside your comfort zone as the animal does when it outgrows its shell. And the color changed jellyfish shows how beautiful change can be. The thermochromic enamel ensures that the body has a vibrant green-blue hue at room temperature and a more intense dark blue color at low temperatures (below 10°C).

Be charmed by the playful Metallic Blue Gecko charm . Geckos are known for their exceptional resilience . They are therefore the symbol for regeneration and renewal. Not only a fun twist for your Pandora Moments jewel, but also a reminder that you can overcome any obstacle, heal and come back stronger than before.


Unique styling elements

The Pandora Me collection is also supplemented with new symbolic jewelery to make a powerful and personal style statement. From three beautiful medallions to refined mini pendants, a new pavé Link earring and cool link chain with a playful variation of link type. The latter two are designed to be personalized with lockets and mini pendants from the Pandora Me collection.


Deep in the sea

Following the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, Pandora is also releasing a range of The Little Mermaid themed charms in collaboration with Disney. From the stubborn, curious and courageous Ariel and loyal protector and musical talent Sebastiaan to the iconic sea witch Ursula. The characters come to life again. It is striking that these Disney x Pandora designs resemble the new live-action instead of the original animated film.

Just like Ariel, follow your heart and risk everything to achieve your dreams - no matter how impossible they seem.


Do you also get the summer vibes of the new Pandora High Summer 2023 collection. Shop your favorites quickly online at Jan Maes or in our Grace & Glory shop in Waasland Shopping.



Let the countdown to summertime begin...